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Spoken English
A Place to Learn English with Mnemonics (Memory) & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme) Techniques.
Module - I
Basic Functional grammer .
Basic/Impressive Vocabulary with mnemonics.
Fluency & Accent Development.
Public and professional speaking.
Confidence in eneral converations using with neuro linguistic program(NLP.)
Speed Building techniques & shortcuts.
Group discussion & Exhaustive practice.
Technique of expressions.
English Drills.
Dynamic communication skills.
Personal Attention Session (Doctor Method)
Audio & Visual Sessioons to improve professional talking with global Accent.
Detailed Mnemonic (memory ) techniques to memorize vocab & important words.
Detailed Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP) to improve self confidence , willpower & positive attitude.
Personality Development Programme
Mind development & stress management Programme .
Time Management Program.
Special Features
Today's English needs & attitude,which is required in international Market .
Mnemonic & NLP techniques to create friendly atmosphere with English vocabulary.
Impressive communication skills & Personality Development to express ourselves dynamically.
Interview skill & Leadership Skills.